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Drug - Nutrient
Interaction Research Client Testimonials

I have found eMedFX to be a very practical, handy tool to quickly identify potential drug interactions and common nutrient deficiencies resulting from medication use. As a naturopathic physician and acupuncturist, I appreciate that eMedFX is thoroughly referenced and backed by the most recent, cutting edge research. It helps me to serve my patients in a better, more efficient manner and for this reason I highly recommend this product.

John (Keoni) Teta ND, LAc., CSCS

I see a lot of patients in my practice who are taking upwards of 8 to 10 medications from other doctors, as well as handfuls of nutritional supplements. eMedFX has been a great resource for me to feel confident in the nutritional supplement recommendations that I make. It also provides me more knowledge about the effects these medications have on the patients overall health.

Jonathan Walker D.C.

As an ND (naturopathic doctor), I have many clients that come to see me that are on multiple medications prescribed by numerous doctors. I have found eMedFX to be thorough, easy to use in practice, and time saving. The database of drugs, nutrients, herbs and their interactions is quite comprehensive and user-friendly, enabling me to save valuable time. I would highly recommend this useful tool for any healthcare provider in a busy practice.

Jillian Sarno ND

eMedFX was developed with the end user in mind. It is clear that the developers understood the importance of ease of use, updated and pertinent clinical information that is readily available for clinical application. eMedFX will go a long way to help providers increase the care they provide to their patients as well as the outcomes they are able to achieve. eMedFX is a must in today's modern practice that requires clinicians to be on the cutting edge of medical therapies and treatments. Patients are demanding this information from the providers and eMedFX has the power to deliver the information in a concise and easy to understand way.

Kevin Pete RPh.
Senior Vice President
Medical and Information Systems
AultCare Corporation

There is no other service that exists like this. My patients are frequently on multiple pharmaceutical medications as well as botanical and nutraceutical supplements. It is imperative for me that I have a quick reliable resource to screen for potential interactions. eMedFX has become my single resource for research-based and up to date information on drug nutrient interactions. It has definitely improved the quality of the care my patients receive. I highly recommend this product.

Jade Teta ND, CSCS

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