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Nutritional Supplement-Drug Interaction Database

Often ignored in clinical practice is the fact that certain nutritional supplements may interact with drugs that patients are currently taking. Currently over 15 million Americans are at risk for adverse drug-supplement interactions. Do you research and document these potential interactions? eMedFx allows you to effortlessly research and document potential drug-supplement interactions. This will decrease your liability and improve your confidence when recommending nutritional supplements to your patients.

Did You Know?
  • Many nutritional supplements are known to Increase the effects of a given medication.
  • Example: People taking anticoagulant medications such as Coumadin, should use caution when supplementing with Omega 3 Fish Oil. Literature has suggested that the anticoagulation properties of Omega 3 Fish Oil may serve to increase the desired effects of the medication and potentially lead to serious health complications (4, 5).
  • Many nutritional supplements are also known to Decrease the effects of a given medication.
  • Example: Example: If a person is taking Lipitor in combination with a Magnesium supplement the magnesium may interfere with Lipitors absorption potentially failing to allow the medication to produce its intended result (6).

Nutritional Supplement Usage

National surveys indicate that about 50% of Americans currently use dietary supplements (1). Ideas and beliefs are constantly changing regarding the health promoting benefits of daily vitamins and nutritional supplements. In fact according to studies 50% of female physicians take a multivitamin/mineral (2) and 44% of cardiologist take antioxidants (3).

It is important for all healthcare providers to analyze the nutritional supplements that each of their patients consume and cross-reference these supplements against their medications for possible interactions. It is perhaps equally important to document these results in a manner that exhibits due diligence on the part of the observing practitioner.

While there is an enormous amount of literature with promising results for the potential health promoting aspects of certain nutritional supplements, the risk of interactions with medications needs to be evaluated and documented prior to starting patients on a specific supplement. It should not be left up to the patients to decide if a given supplement could have a negative interaction with one of their prescription drugs.

Simply enter your patient's medications and nutritional supplements into the database and eMedFx completes these tasks for you. All you have to do is read the patient specific report. It is that simple!

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