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eMedFx was designed by doctors who understand and appreciate that drug side effects need to be accounted for. With eMedFx, we connect our subscribers to scientific research on nutritional supplements or herbs known to decrease drug side effects, or improve the intended action of the drug.

Your subscription to eMedFx will also allow you to cross-reference medications with possibly harmful nutritional supplement interactions to help reduce your liability from a drug-nutrient interaction. Lastly, eMedFx will help you evaluate if a patients musculoskeletal symptom, is actually the result of a known drug side effect.

How does eMedFx work?

eMedFx consists of three intelligent databases with hundreds of the most commonly prescribed drugs and nutritional supplements on the market.

Simply have your office-staff enter each patient's nutritional supplements and medications into eMedFx to produce a patient specific report for your records and for co-management.

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Nutritional Supplement-Drug Benefit Database
Nutritional Supplement-Drug Interaction Database
Medication Side-Effect Database

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In order to keep our subscriptions affordable we do not offer full time call-in customer service. If you call the number below you will likely receive a voicemail box. Please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as we can. If you have a question about how to perform a specific function with eMedFX, every aspect of our database is available for viewing as a video demo if you click here: Frequently Asked Questions

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